Handmade Artists & Their Cats - Pesky Cat Designs

 Harris Tweed Tote Bag by Pesky Cat Designs

Harris Tweed Tote Bag by Pesky Cat Designs

Fellow bag maker Elisa has a beautiful cat, Anni, who was the inspiration for the name of her shop, Pesky Cat Designs.  Elisa's bags are made with high-quality materials such as Harris tweed, upholstery grade corduroy and eco-friendly faux suede. Many of her bags have distinct applique which make them instantly recognizable. Here is her interview.

(1) Please introduce yourself and cat.

My name is Elisa and I design and handcraft bags from my studio in St. Augustine, Florida. Anni our kitty was rescued from the streets of NYC on a very cold winter day. The shelter listed her as 'little orphan Anni' and she was about 9 months old. The ad also said that she is sweet, very talkative and makes biscuits with all four paws when eating. All very true!

The next 8 years she lived with us above the trees in a NYC apartment on the 10th floor. Her view from the window was not very exciting. Occasionally she would spot the local red-tailed hawk resting on someone's air-conditioning unit. Now she lives in Florida where she can watch butterflies, frogs, little lizards, agile squirrels and exotic birds from every window in our home.




(2) Does your cat affect your art? If so, how?

When I first started sewing, Anni would often sit next to me swatting at loose threads as I sewed. She is the inspiration behind my shop name, Pesky Cat Designs. These days she is more fascinated by outdoor entertainment such as lounging lizards and chirping cardinals.


 Harris Tweed Purse - brown check

Harris Tweed Purse - brown check

(3) Is there a cat-related handmade item by another artists that you love?

I would love to get Anni this fantastic cat cave by Agnes Felt.

I also adore your sweet kitty coin purses.

A wonderful cat scarf.


Thank you so much, Elisa!

Here is her Facebook page.