Handmade Artists & Their Cats - Stitch Culture


Today's featured artist is Devin of Stitch Culture

Her hand-embroidered pop-culture quotes are hilarious and will brighten up any room and anyone's mood. 

(1) Please introduce yourself and cat(s).

I’m Devin, the girl behind StitchCulture, and my cat is Meg (short for Megalodon). She was named by her previous owner who was a good friend of mine - two years down the line, he got married to a girl who was allergic to cats, so I adopted Meg, and now she’s queen of the house. Meg’s likes: eating, sleeping under the covers, whipped cream, pizza sauce, sleeping in the window. Meg’s dislikes: being woken up, the dog, people that are not me & my boyfriend, not having food in her dish, thunderstorms.



(2) Does your cat affect your art? If so, in what way? 

I’ve made a few “crazy cat lady” hoops because I definitely understand what it means to be a crazy cat lady. Meg's other influences are the number of lint rollers I go through to make sure I don’t send out any of her hair with my hoops and learning that I have to completely put away my floss bobbins, because otherwise I’ll wake up to find them completely unraveled, leading back to a nonchalant Meg chewing on a piece of floss.

2014_1_27 stitch culture 4.jpg

(3) Are there cat-related items by other handmade artists that you love? Please share.

I love Leah Goren’s cat items - they’re all so sweet and whimsical but simple at the same time.
I’ve also been coveting this cat tote from Xenotees. I really like how basic Noëlle’s drawing is - it translates onto fabric very well.

Thank you, Devin!

Here are her facebook page, twitter and jewelry shop.