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 Frankenstein and Wolfman Print,  Frank & Wolfie  by Mari Lowery

Frankenstein and Wolfman Print, Frank & Wolfie by Mari Lowery

Today's featured artist is Mari Lowery, photographer and mixed media artist, based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work - inspired by her love of old photos, animals, oddities and vintage Halloween - is eerie yet lovable, haunting yet humorous.

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(1) Please introduce yourself and your cats. 

My name is Mari Lowery and I'm an artist from New York. I have three female cats, Sparkle, Luka and Gray. I've had Sparkle since she was 8 weeks old, and she's 13 now. My other two cats are year old sisters that I found living in an abandoned house around the corner from me when they were 5 months old. They had never had human contact, so with the help of a neighbor, we set traps for them. They were really freaked out for a while, and it even took me a month to be able to touch one of them, but it was a bad situation and I knew they needed to get out of there.

It's been about 7 months since I've had them, and they are completely settled in and affectionate now, although Gray still has a bit of feral in her and probably won't ever let me pick her up. Because Luka and Gray are sisters, they have a very special bond that is still evident. They constantly clean each other and wrestle like crazy. It's hilarious to watch them play. My older cat wasn't receptive to them at first, having been an only cat for a long time, but eventually they grew on her, and now she plays with them too. It's funny to see my older gal try to keep up with these young kitties. It's almost like she's having a second kittenhood.





(2) Do your cats affect your art? If so, in what way? 

I've always been an animal lover, at times having three dogs and three cats, as well as other critters, but for my current lifestyle, cats are just easier to care for. I don't think they necessarily influence my art, as I would probably still be making cat themed pieces if I didn't have them, but I can't imagine not having at least one furry friend in the house. 

 Cat art print,  It's Raining Cats

Cat art print, It's Raining Cats

(3) Are there cat-related items by other handmade artists that you love? Please share.

I love this piece by Anna Magruder  and I adore doubleparlour's cat eared sculptures.

 They love each other

They love each other

Thank you, Mari!

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