"Evolution" embroidered detachable collar


A Japanese online handmade market site called Minne is hosting a competition for handcrafted items in 4 categories, and I decided to enter one called "Evolution". The judge for this category is graphic designer Shin Sobue, and he was the only one who didn't specify the type of item to be submitted. So I went with a decorative collar, as it's an ideal accessory to show off intricate embroidery. 

I started from the left tip, embroidering the first living organisms - archaea bacteria, moving on to seaweed, mushrooms, jellyfish, coral .. following evolution chronologically, ending with monkeys on the right tip. (I know, no humans, but there wasn't enough space!) It took me 6 days to complete it and my right thumb and index finger are sore. 

I asked my science-nerd 11-year-old daughter to model it. It's a little big on her.

The base fabric is a linen-cotton blend, and the back side is cotton. Closes with hooks.

The winner of each category gets to be featured in the August issue of the edgy Japanese fashion magazine, "So-En". It's a long shot, but hey, you never know! 

My full entry page is here